If I were to be reincarnated, I would like it to be a dolphin!

Welcome to Maiar Dolphins !

Maiar Dolphins is a collection of 3,333 unique Dolphins living on the Elrond blockchain ! We have different objectives that will be stated in this white paper. We are a collection of NFT related to dolphins and the aquatic world. We support the development and the encouragement of all actions aiming at protecting the Mediterranean fauna and flora, in particular the species threatened by the development of the human activities. The fight for the protection of the marine environment and more particularly of dolphins. The long-term protection and sustainable management of the Mediterranean marine ecosystems are top priorities. The future of this wonderful natural heritage is threatened if effective actions at all levels are not implemented to preserve it. We also want to create a community the #DolphinsArmy with our project, we will do our best for the people who support the project. This white paper will give you an overview of the project and how each of you can participate in this adventure!